Tevis 2021 Ride Photos

by Alexandra Leigh Lewis.

**NOTICE: Ride photos may take up to 4 days from the event to be uploaded.**

Congratulations to all of the Tevis finishers, and to all those who undertook the challenge of riding one of the most difficult endurance rides in the world!

The Western States Trail Ride (Tevis) is the oldest modern-day endurance ride, having been held annually since 1955. The Tevis is often considered to be the birthplace of Endurance Riding.

At the 2021 Tevis, 140 riders departing under a July midsummer full moon beginning at a remote starting location in Squaw Valley near Tahoe and aiming to complete the 100-mile course crossing the rugged passes and canyons of the Sierra Nevada. On this day, 69 riders would make it across the finish line in Auburn within the 24-hour time limit and with a mount that was judged "fit to continue" awarding them the coveted silver Completion Award Buckle.

At the beginning of the ride, Alex Lewis was stationed at the Elephant's Trunk location, roughly 26 miles into the 100-mile ride, an area that resembles the trunk of an elephant and overlooking some beautiful scenery. She captured the riders heading up to Red Star Ridge lit by the early morning sun with a hazy backdrop giving the forests a mysterious feel.

Alex then moved on to Robinson Flat and Forest Hill vet checks to capture the amazing work all the volunteers put into making Tevis a successful ride every year, and the busy crews helping their riders to be successful on the trail. The Tevis is a ride where having a great crew can make the difference in completing the ride.

Alex also captured the vetting and camp at Robie Park the day before the ride, the top 10 finishers at the Auburn stadium, and the Awards ceremony on Sunday. 

Enjoy these amazing photos and give us your feedback! Purchasing these photos helps pay for this labor of love and the effort the photographers put into capturing beautiful moments on the trail. We loved seeing all the amazing riders on the trail and a shout out to the volunteers who make this ride possible.

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